What Is The Best Way to Listen to Music On A Motorcycle

What Is The Best Way to Listen to Music On A Motorcycle

There are few things more satisfying than riding a motorcycle on a great, sunny day, with no traffic. But there is one thing which can enhance that experience even further: Music. It has been proven to improve everything, turning every moment into a spectacular and epic one. “But isn’t that illegal?” you may be asking. Well, not exactly. Almost all countries enable the use of devices playing music on a motorcycle, but it is recommended to keep the volume down to a normal level, where you can still listen to the outside sounds and be aware of your surroundings. California had a law which prohibited the use of headphones, but it was scrapped in favor of earbuds which were legal through a loophole. At one point, you were only able to have one earbud in your ear, but that’s been scrapped as well.

Listening to music while riding is great fun, but it isn’t that easy to set up initially. You’re most probably going to be fully geared, so you have to think ahead. Depending on your choice of playback device, you will need to prepare beforehand, such as tucking earbuds underneath the suit and helmet if you’re going to use earbuds. There are several ways you can listen to music on a motorcycle, and here are just a few.

Motorcycle Earbuds

This is the most obvious one, as it’s the most common and possibly the easiest. Earbuds are simple and easy to use, requiring no introduction as you’re probably already familiar with them from your computer, laptop or phone. Motorcycles don’t require special earbuds, although there are some earbuds designed for motorcycle use specifically. Even the most basic, generic ones will prove to be more than decent. Reliability and durability is another matter, but they’re generally very affordable, so you can just go out and buy new ones if they break. To prevent that from happening however, make sure you purchase quality earbuds from the start. Brands such as Sony, Vsonic, Sennheiser, SoundMAGIC and many more have proven to provide quality and great customer support. There’s a reason you’re going to pay a premium over generic earbuds, and in the long run, you will see a benefit of going with the well-known manufacturers. There’s also the question of warranty. Plain no-named earbuds don’t offer any, whereas the brands give you full one or even two-year warranties.


Motorcycle Stereo System

Although unconventional, some people opt to go for a Motorcycle Stereo System as their primary way of listening to music. There are tons of high-quality AEM motorcycle stereos, with the best of them offering advanced features like playback, radio, Bluetooth and smartphone integration, in addition to being waterproof, easily mountable and unnoticeable. High-end kits even come with AMPs, for that full, rich sound. Naturally, this is way more expensive than the simple earbud, but if you’ve got the money and don’t mind blasting music for the outside world to hear, go for it.

Helmet Speakers

Consider this the best option for listening to music while riding your motorcycle. Helmet  headphones or speakers are nothing more than slim, compact speakers mounted to the inside of your helmet. They offer a legitimate surround sound sensation, and because they’re not directly attached to your ears, you can hear the outside sounds, albeit a bit muted if you decide to blast the speakers. Certain helmets come with built-in speakers, but they’re extremely rare. Most of the speakers have AEM fitment, which is even better in most cases. You don’t want just any regular speakers however. Make sure you buy the best ones or you’ll regret it pretty soon. These speakers tend to go bad if they’re poorly made, since they experience a lot of vibration and movement inside the helmet. Installing them is easy, as most come with a 3.5mm jack which can plug straight into your phone. Try to buy speakers from well known manufacturers: Tork, UCLEAR, Outdoor Tech, XSound and Excelvan all provide quality speakers, in addition to the already known big names in the industry.

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