Review: Best Heated Grip for Motorcycle


Cold winter sucks if you’ve to ride…Your fingers become numb due to the cold which makes applying brake or shifting gear a problem. Often, it may lead to accidents.

Heated motorcycle grips ensure warm, dry hands even in the most extreme weather condition.

But there’re several questions which needs to be answered like:

  • What types of heated grips are best for your style bike?
  • How easy the installation process is?
  • Why should I buy heated grips against heated gloves?

In this post, we’ll discuss about features you should look in a heated motorcycle grip, some of the bestheated grip available in the market and why heated grip is better than heated gloves.


Features you should look in a Heated grips

  • The heated grip should be easy to install. The package should come with the necessary requirement like plug and play connectors, mounting brackets, and even the glue.
  • You should choose a heated grip which offers multi-level temperature controls so that you can use it as all-weather heated grip.
  • Do ensure that your heated grip has battery saving option. The unit gets switched off if the battery voltage drops below a certain level. The grip should also determine whether you’re on standby mode or running mode and takes action accordingly.
  • Most of the heated grip should be made of silicone wiring for more reliability and safety.



BikeMaster 7/8″ Motorcycle Heated Grips Set

bikemaster-motorcycle-heated-grips-reviewBikeMaster group has come up with an excellent Heated grip set– the Bike Master Heated Grips. The grips come in universal design, fitting either 1” or 7/8” handlebars. It also has a five-level temperature controller for maximum control of the temperature.

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Installation is simple and you can do it yourself at home. The grips come with connectors that help in connecting it to the harness. The main harness has a connection for the temperature controller, and ground and positive leads. The package also comes with a tube of glue for grip installation.



  • I found that the Heated Grips is a bit larger in diameter and harder than most other grips. You’ll slowly get adapted to this feeling.
  • I installed the Bike Master Heated Grips late last fall and used them throughout winter and spring, which allowed me to test it in variety of temperature range and the grip works like a charm in all condition.
  • The grips come with five level temperature controls and produce a heat output from 140 degrees to 190 degrees.
  • I used the grips on setting five when the temperature fell to single digit. I used a heavy glove and it kept my fingers warm. If the temperature drops further, I would suggest using a hand guard to keep the numbness away.
  • I found out that in most cases the first to third temperature control level will do the job. You’ll need to use the level five only in cases of extreme temperature drop.
  • One cool feature is the memory function of the controller.The controller also remembers your last setting. When turning on the Bike Master Heated Grips after starting the bike, the controller will start at the previous setting.
  • After installing the Bikemaster heated grips, I’ve done more than 5000 miles and exposed it to various multitudes rain and snow. However, the grips didn’t malfunction and shows no signs of wear or tear.
  • All the wiring consists of silicone rubber that ensures more safety and reliability.


Pros and Cons

Overall, these are great grips if you do cold weather biking. However, the Bikemaster grip doesn’t come with any battery saving option. So, if you want longevity for your battery, you’ve to manually wire an on/off solution.


Heat Demon Clamp-On Heated Grip  – Best Heated Grip for Harley

heat-demon-clamp-on-heated-grip-best-heated-grip-for-harleyHeat demon Grip is not the most advanced grip but it does a very good job of the basic need and some more. It has only 3 mode functionality but it seems to do the job.

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  • The Heat demon ATV Heat grip fits with all other ATV model with 7/8” handlebar.
  • One feature that I like very much is that no adhesive is required for the Heat Demon grip. Two heated clamp-on grip are provided to complete the installation process.
  • The grip is basic in functionality. It comes with 3 mode temperature control switch (off, low, high) and a rocker switch which can be easily replaced if needed.
  • I used these grips in around temperature of 25 to 35F and found it to produce enough heat to keep your hand warm. If temperature drops further, then you can use these grips with thin gloves.
  • It has a maximum power consumption of 20W per grips at 14V DC. Though it doesn’t have any battery saving option and you’ve to pay extra if you want to add this feature to your grip.


Pros and Cons

If you’re looking for basic heated grips for Harley without any additional gimmick, then Heat Demon would be one of the best options. Though I didn’t found any apparent flaw with this one, however, I would like to have more option for temperature control.


What you should use:  heated grips vs heated gloves?

Motorcycle gloves rely on external batteries and require a lot of power. Gloves draw their power from the motorcycle battery, as such you’ve tether yourself to your bike. In case of crash it may leads to serious problems and injuries.

You can’t control the heat output of your gloves. You’ve buy controller for adding that functionality to your gloves and hence, it would become more costly.


Pros of Heated Gloves

  • The main advantage of heated gloves is that their use is not restricted on any single bike. You can use it with any bike.
  • Heated grip warm only your palm whereas heated gloves warm your whole hand. This is a serious advantage overheated
  • You can also use the gloves for other application whereas you can’t use the grip for any other use.
  • The gloves go very well with your jacket liner and look stylish and elegant.

Cons of Heated Gloves

  • You can’t control the temperature output and hence can’t use it fully for different weather condition.
  • Generally, the glove is made up of leather and hence is not waterproof. You would find difficulty in using it during rainy season and snowy condition.
  • The installation process is quite difficult and is quite cumbersome.


Pros of Heated Grip

  • Heated grip provide you with option of temperature control to adjust with the outside temperature control.
  • You can use it on any weather condition be it rainy season or snow season. Most of the good heated grip works without any issues.
  • Power consumption is quite low. Moreover, some heated grip come with the option of battery saving.

Cons of Heated Grip

  • Heated grip only warms the palm, whereas the back of the palm is still facing the wind.
  • Heated grip is not portable and works only with the bike.
  • However, sometimes you may need to splice the electrical system for optimum functioning.

Overall, I think heated grip is much better option than gloves. It offers more functionality, reliability for an average bike user.




Well, I’ve shared all my experience of heated grip with you guys.

Now it’s your turn.Let me know your experience of using any heated grip or heated glove.

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