Review: Best Fiberglass Helmet in 2017


There’re helmets and then, there’re better helmets. one of the thing that separate a better helmet from others is the type of shell used in the construction.

The shell is very important as it absorbs all the impact and protects the head from external piercing objects. Shells are made up of different types of material like fiberglass, thermoplastic and carbon composite shell. The objective of many helmet manufacturers is to produce stronger, more shock resistant and more lightweight shell.

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Fiberglass Manufacturing Process

First of all, a mold resembling a helmet is made. Then,fiber cloth is wrapped around the mold. After that, theresin is applied to it to hold the cloth tight.

The whole mold is now heated so that everything gets set properly. The heating and cooling of the mold are repeated several times to get a good weave pattern.

This way a fiberglass shell is formed which is strong as well as light enough.


Features of good Fiberglass helmet

  • A good fiberglass helmet should be DOT approved. DOT standard for thehelmet is applicable across all of US and considered as global standard.
  • The Fiberglass helmet should have good impact flexibility such that the impact shock spreads throughout the surface area of the helmet.
  • Generally, Fiberglass helmet should have agood crackling effect. This means that when the helmet will come in contact with the road, it’ll be more prone to crack safeguarding the driver from further injury.
  • Fiberglass helmet also requires less amount of padding making it smaller and lightweight.
  • A full face helmet will give you extra protection when you’re on the road and will protect you against road accident.
  • If you are buying a full face helmet, then you need to make sure that it has cushioned cheeks with appropriate ventilation feature to make your ride is comfortable.
  • Ventilation is paramount feature for any helmet. Make sure that it has got the external vent to suck the inside hot air from your helmet out.
  • You should always make sure that your helmets are D.O.T certified. As such you can rest assured that your helmet has been tested and comes with standard protective features.



CRG Sports DOT Certified ATV-1 fiberglass helmet review

crg-sports-dot-certified-atv-1-fiberglass-helmet-reviewCRG sports are a new entrant in the field of helmet industry. ATV helmet model looks similar to the Simpson model with few improvements built into it.



  • The DOT certified ATV helmet comes in 11” by 12” size and weighs 3 pounds.
  • Now this CRG helmet is made up of advanced fiberglass material. The advanced fiberglass uses anadvanced type of fibers mixed with a resin. So, there’s no need to use multiple layering which results in stronger and lightweight helmet.
  • This Helmet is a full face helmet. So, it offers more protection to your face both from the wind and extreme rain.
  • CRG Sports ATV helmet comes with a Rainbow visor which can prevent your eyes from sun glare.
  • One cool feature with CRG sports ATV helmet is that you can use your spectacle while wearing the helmet. The visor is designed in such a manner to accommodate any type of goggles or spectacle.
  • The helmet comes with two external vents which help in pushing out the heat from it. This makes it an ideal gear for your summer ride.
  •  This helmet has a specific anti-fog and anti-scratch visor to ensure your visibility at night and during foggy times.
  •  This helmet comes with fully removable cheek pads which ensure your comfort all the time.
  •  This helmet is D.O.T certified


Pros and Cons

Though CRG sports helmets are quite new to the market but still they provide great comfort and style and offers great value for the bucks. They come with anadvanced fiberglass shell, external vents, and integrated rainbow visor.

However, I did found aproblem with inner liner coming out sometimes.


Voss 888FRP Hand Laid Fiberglass DOT Half Helmet review

voss-888frp-fiberglass-dot-half-helmet-reviewVoss 888FRP is a low profile helmet that weighs only 940g and fits very well with your head.  The Voss half helmet is DOT approved and comes with a handwoven fiberglass shell that enhances your safety manifold times.


  • The Voss helmet weighs only 30 ounces and is one of the most lightest helmet
  • This is an attractive black helmet that comes with a shiny visor and a ridged head design
  • As this helmet is made out of advanced fiberglass, it has the dual benefits of being lightweight and shock-resistant
  • This helmet includes a 100% handwovenfiber shell that has been designed for comfort, safety,and a better fit
  • This is a mid-range helmet that is more suitable for people on a budget
  • The Voss Half helmet includes anintegrated removable visor with sun lens system that protects your eyes from sun glare and can be taken off without using any tools
  • You can buy the Voss helmet in sizes X-small, Small, Medium, Large, X-large, XX-Large. Please make sure that the helmet you buy is theright fit for your head
  • The Voss helmet has nylon woven chinstrap for better strength and flexibility. The chinstrap is attached to a quick metal release ratchet for quick opening up of your helmet
  • The Helmet also has Kool comfort microfiber linen supported by Velcro to keep your headspace cool and refreshing.


Pros and Cons

Though, Voss is an amazing piece of thehelmet. It does have some problems like amalfunction of the visor, linen quality issues etc.

Overall, it is a great buy and highly recommended for all value buyers.


What should you buy Polycarbonate Shell or Fiberglass Shell ?

There is huge debate among bikers regarding what type of helmet you should buy: Polycarbonate vs Fiberglass gelmet. Shell is a very important part of your helmet as it protects your head from impact shock.

Now, the impact force generated from a flat surface is different from an edge surface. Both Polycarbonate and Fiberglass helmet reacts differently to both the surface.

Polycarbonate helmets are more flexible. So, when a Polycarbonate helmet hit a flat road surface, the impact force generated will be distributed equally over the surface area of the helmet and allows the foam to absorb the shock. However, if a polycarbonate shell helmet hits an edge road, the impact force will get concentrated at a spot breaking the foam structure.

Fiberglass Helmets is much stiffer than Polycarbonate helmet. Being stiff, Fiberglass helmet will not flex much upon hitting a flat road surface. This will put maximum impact pressure on your head. However, for a sharp-edged structure, it would spread the impact force over a greater area reducing the likelihood of any damage to your head.

There are various standards for helmet both mandatory standards like DOT standards or regular standard like Snell Standard. All helmets on thestreet have to be compliant with DOT standard.

Moreover, thedifferent helmet will give different level protection for fall on theedge surface or on aflat surface. As a thumb rule, if you’re a bike racer you should go with Fiberglass helmet. However, if you’re a casual biker you can go with your polycarbonate helmet



Both CRG sports and Voss Helmet are agood quality helmet with a lot of features packed into it. They look stylish designs as well as offer great safety features for the average biker.

If you’re looking to buy any fiberglass helmet you can go for any of the helmets and it’ll still be a great buy.

If you’re trapped into a similar conundrum about choosing your fiberglass helmet, just shoot us the question via comment section.

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