Motorcycle Helmet Looks Too Big

Most motorcycle helmet look too big, especially to beginner riders. While there is no way to make it really fit, there are some things you can do to reduce the sizing problem. Your motorcycle helmet looks too big is because you are either getting too big a helmet or buying brands with too much padding. […]

Best Kevlar Leggings For Women

Here is the best armored or kevlar leggings that gives women riders greater protection while being flattering. The best motorcycle kevlar leggins is the Oxford kevlar legging. It has 95% kevlar lining coverage, is incredibly comfortable and has excellent form factor. Oxford also offers detailed sizing options rather than the usual small, medium and large. […]


Not so long ago, your basic screwdriver, the simple wrench and some ordinary pliers were considered the basic tools for almost any job. Today, that’s not the case, as we’ve got tons of stuff which requires specialized or even generic tools designed for wider applications. One of those is the torque wrench. The best motorcycle […]