Best Coolant for Yamaha R6 and R1

Presented here are the best coolant recommendations for Yamaha R6. You will need to change your factory after 2 years as it loses its cooling ability and corrosion protection. The best coolant for Yamaha R6 and R1 is the engine ice. It can cool the R6 down by at least 1o to 20 degrees. This […]

What Year R6 is the best

Everyone has their favorite version of the powerhouse that is the Yamaha R6. Ask ten riders and you get ten different answers. To answer this question in the most comprehensive and unbias manner, I aggregate the responds from different forums and present the data and answer here. Based on the data, the best year for […]

best battery for yahama r6

If you are looking to replace your battery on the Yamaha R6, here is what I recommended. The best battery for Yamaha R6 is the Shorai lithium battery. It has stronger crank power, shorter charging time and are able to hold its charge longer. However, it needs some warm up time, especially in cold climate. […]

Best Kevlar Motorcycle Hoodie

Want to wear a hoodie when riding a motorcycle but worry about lack of protection? The good news is that there are now armored hoodie using kevlar materials. The best kevlar motorcycle hoodie is the Dapper hoodie. It is fully lined with kevlar and includes armored elbow, should and back pads for additional protection. More […]

Motorcycle helmet for big heads

This is the most comprehensive list of motorcycle helmets for big head. We comb through all possible recommendations and reviews on forums and reddit to bring you this list. Related: motorcycle helmet look too big. Our top picks for best motor helmet for big head are all the 5XL helmets: HJC CL-17 helmet (5xl large) […]