How to Avoid Visor Fog

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Fall is right around the corner and one of the issues with the changing weather is the visor on your helmet getting fogged up.  It limits your vision and it’s dangerous.  The visor fogs up when the temperatures drop and your breathe causes condensation inside your helmet.  The important thing is how to get rid of it, so here are some practical tips for keeping your visor clear.

Here’s How to Avoid Visor Fog

Ventilate Your Helmet

You can do this from the vents that are within the helmet already.  If your helmet has a removable chin piece, you can remove that and that gives the chance for your breathe to escape.  If your helmet has a nose guard you can do the same thing, direct the air away from your visor.  Adjust your neck bluffs to let the free flow of air it will also help ventilate your helmet.

Using Pin Locks

Some helmets already have pin locks inside, but for the helmets that don’t you can buy them separately for your visor.  Pin locks are an anti fogging technology that you can put inside of your visor and keeps it from fogging up.  It works similar to double paned windows the warmer air between the two prevents condensation from happening.  They are easy to install on your help and as long as the seal is good they will keep your helmet fog free.  Be warned though they aren’t cheap and it could cost as much as replacing your visor.  Bear in mind too that not all visors can use pin locks.

Use Breath Guards

Breathe guards will move the exhale air away from your visor and that ensures that moisture doesn’t come into contact with your visor.  Some helmets already have them included.  Most cyclists are not big fans of breathe guards so try the other solutions first.

Home Remedies

Shaving Cream – Apply it to the visor with a cloth and then let it dry, polish off the dried shaving cream.  The shaving cream leaves a protective coating that keeps the visor from fogging up.  Here is a video showing you how to do that.

Dish Soap – Use just a couple of drops and wipe it over the visor, this will prevent fogging up but it does leave smudges.

PotatoesCut a potato and rub the juice onto the lens and then let it dry, while some people swear this works, the veracity is doubtful.

There other methods that you can also use to keep your visor clear and fog free.  Keeping your visor clean with a visor cleaning liquid will help the most.

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