Guide: Best Airbag Jacket for Motorbikes

Best Airbag Jacket for Motorbikes

Motorcycle clothing is essential to give protection from painful abrasions in the event of a fall or the weather. A standard motorcyclist’s jacket has the ability to give the most basic protection, but it will do little to protect the spine, hips and internal organs from the most serious accidents.

This is where an airbag jacket for motorbike makes its presence known. They are uniquely designed with the regular armor to give the most complete protection from not only abrasions to the shoulders, back and elbows, but also the rapid inflation airbag that will improve your overall safety and protect your waist, cervical spine, abdomen, spine and chest.


What is the best airbag jacket for motorbikes?


If you are finding it difficult to identify the top-rated airbag jackets on the market, why not take a look at our short list of the most trusted and respected options:

1) Hit-Air Inflatable Vest Review

hitair inflatable motorcycle vest reviewSuper lightweight and comfortable, the Hit-Air inflatable Vest (MLV-C) is a perfect addition to your collection of safety motorcycle gear. It is easily worn over a favorite vest or jacket and is set to deploy in a mere 0.18 seconds in the event of an accident. It relies on a coiled wire system that is attached to both the jacket and motorcycle. In the event of the rider getting separated from the motorcycle, the coiled wire instantly reacts and inflates the air cushions in the jacket. The light construction means it is hardly noticed when worn and gives the superior protection in the event of a road accident.


  • Super fast airbag deployment system rated at 0.18 seconds
  • Can give all-round protection with an optional back protector
  • Lightweight design for ease in wearing over other items of clothing
  • Multiple straps and Velcro for complete ease in tightening and loosening as needed
  • Useful reflex material on the jacket to get noticed when night-riding
  • Available in multiple colors to match the personal preference


2) Helite Airbag Jacket Review

helite reviewThe high-quality Helite Leather Airbag Jacket is in full-grain cowhide (1.3mm thick) and fitted with the latest airbag technology to give impact protection in the event of a crash. The deployment reaction time of less than 0.1 seconds is more impressive than alternatives, such as those by Hit-Air. The replaceable canisters will not cause damage to the jacket after being discharged, which means it is usable for a lifetime. Helite’s jacket gives all-round protection for the body, including the neck and head to minimize issues related to traumatic brain injury. Plus, the spine and head can remain in a natural position to lower the risk of whiplash injuries


  • The airbag is well integrated into the jacket to create the streamline look
  • Useful airflow on the sides with mesh panels for greater comfort
  • Adjustable waist fitting to get the right fit
  • Integrated CO2 cartridge with tether


  • Airbag jacket can feel a little heavy when first worn, but most riders will get used to it in time


3)  Review

hit air gray reviewThe Hit-Air MX7 Gray is well built to not only give the standard protection to the spine, elbows and shoulders, but also includes the air cushioning system to give protection to a rider after being thrown from the motorcycle. The inflation time on this airbag jacket is a respectable 0.25 second or less. Similar to other motorcycle jackets of this nature the deployment is simple and automatic. The rider connects a coiled wire from the jacket to the motorcycle. If this connection is broken while on the bike for any reason, a key is pulled on the gas release system which inflates the air cushions.


  • Useful extra chest and back protectors to give the most complete protection
  • Simple and easy to use with a quick deployment rated to be within 0.25 seconds
  • Very stylish and attractive looking jacket with a sporty look
  • The jacket is not only strong, but also highly breathable with a strong mesh design for greater comfort


  • The sleeves on the MX7 aren’t the longest, so may not give the desired fit for taller riders

Buying Guide

Modern motorcycle jackets go well beyond being a simple item of clothing to keep a rider warm and comfortable. They can now feature the latest technology that goes a long way to keeping a rider protected and safe from injury even in the event of an accident. In addition to the helmet, the motorcycle jacket is an essential piece of safety kit to protect the vital body parts.

Here are just a few of the things to consider when buying an airbag motorcycle jacket:


Protection and Armor: The quality of the protection and armor should be seen as the most important priority in a motorcycle jacket. The most effective safety feature is the airbag system. They are designed to inflate the jacket instantly, but the inflationary times do vary slightly, so it is certain to help to go with one of the fasted systems. Also, you want to invest in the jacket that accepts the replaceable cartridge to make sure it is possible to continue to use the jacket event after a deployment.

The level of standard protection in the back, chest, shoulder and elbow areas can also vary with the different motorcycle jackets. Many jackets have Kevlar or heavy-duty plastic inserts to give more protection to the vulnerable areas of the upper body. But, these inserts much be stable and held firmly in place. Any armor that is able to freely move around isn’t likely to give the desired protection in the event of a crash.

Also, jackets with reflectors are a useful feature to make sure the rider is much more visible to other road users in low-light conditions.


Sizing and fit: The sizing and fit are a further important point to consider. A well fitted jacket is significantly more comfortable while also more reliable at giving the desired protection. The chosen jacket should fit the contour of the body to make sure the different armor line up and protect the relevant areas of the body. Other features of comfort include the vents on the sides or back area to minimize sweating and prevent heat exhaustion, while a removable lining can give the extra degree of warmth on the cold morning rides.



Overall, the best airbag jacket for motorbikes has the ability to increase safety on the road which is certain to be priceless for any riders involved in an accident. For motorcyclists these jackets can present a life saver and a useful extra layer of safety over the standard body armor and still comfortable to wear.

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