Best Motorcycle Boots for Commuting

Click here to read on what models the best motorcycle boots for commuting and what criteria to look for. The best motorcycle boots for commuting is the Alpinestar SMX-1 R. It is comfortable enough to be used for daily commute and yet have enough protection from accidents. The boots also come with a zip system […]

Are Steel Toe Boots Good For Motorcycle Riding

A common question asked is should motorcycle boots have steel toe? Steel toe boots are not ideal for motorcycle riding. Most motorcycle accidents involve bending, rather than crushing forces. When sufficient bending pressure is applied, the sole of your boots bends and the rear edge of the steel toe becomes a blade. It can then […]

Best Motorcycle Boots for Wide Feet

Updated 2020 – This is the most comprehensive list of motorcycle boots that caters for wide feet for both men and women. Almost all online and offline stores do not offer such categories so this list will save you a lot of time in looking around.   Best motorcycle boots for wide feet that measures […]