Best Kevlar Motorcycle Hoodie

Want to wear a hoodie when riding a motorcycle but worry about lack of protection? The good news is that there are now armored hoodie using kevlar materials. The best kevlar motorcycle hoodie is the Dapper hoodie. It is fully lined with kevlar and includes armored elbow, should and back pads for additional protection. More […]

Best Kevlar Leggings For Women

Here is the best armored or kevlar leggings that gives women riders greater protection while being flattering. The best motorcycle kevlar leggins is the Oxford kevlar legging. It has 95% kevlar lining coverage, is incredibly comfortable and has excellent form factor. Oxford also offers detailed sizing options rather than the usual small, medium and large. […]

Motorcycle Boots vs Regular Boots

There are clear differences in how motorcycle boots protect your leg during an accident relative to regular boots. The main difference is that, relatively to regular boots,  motorcycle boots prevent your leg from overextending in an accident. They also offers more protection than regular boots especially at the ankle and shin area. Motorcycle boots are […]