How to Carry Groceries On a Motorcycle

This article gives you ideas on how to carry groceries assuming (i) you can create carrying capacity and (ii) you cannot. You can easily carry groceries on a motorcycle by installing carrying capacity such as saddle bags or top case. Even a tank or rear bag can carry small amounts of groceries. Alternatively, you can […]

Sena 20 vs Smh10

Click here to read the most detailed comparison between Sena 20 vs Smh10. The biggest difference is that the Sena 20 can listen to two audio channels while the Smh10 can only listen to one. On the Sena 20, you can talk and listen to music simultaneously while on the Smh 10, you can only […]

Best Spark Plugs for Yamaha r6

It is good practice to change out your spark plugs regularly. Here are some of the best spark plugs you can consider. The best spark plug will be the default spark plugs, which are the NGK CR10EK. They have been proven to have better fuel efficiency and improved combustion ratio. They also work well with […]

Best Coolant for Yamaha R6 and R1

Presented here are the best coolant recommendations for Yamaha R6. You will need to change your factory after 2 years as it loses its cooling ability and corrosion protection. The best coolant for Yamaha R6 and R1 is the engine ice. It can cool the R6 down by at least 1o to 20 degrees. This […]