Best Ventilated Helmet to Keep Your Head Cool


The scorching heat of summer makes you feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Wearing a helmet without proper ventilation vent increases your uneasiness many fold.

So, if you’re considering buying Helmet in near future, you should never make a trade off with this feature.

In this Post, You’re going to learn about

  • Benefits of ventilated Helmet
  • Main criteria to consider while shopping for a well ventilated motorcycle helmet
  • In depth review of 3 Best ventilated motorcycle Helmet


Benefits of Ventilated Helmet

Ventilated Helmet allows air to flow around the rider head and makes him comfortable. It also helps the rider to look cool and stay stylish in the hot temperature.

When we’re riding in hot summers, we become extremely sweaty. The sweat blurs our vision and may lead to an accident. That’s why you should use a ventilated helmet during bike riding.

During Foggy season, the visor of the helmet becomes foggy and vision gets reduced which can lead to serious accident. Some of the full face helmets which are often prone to fogging issues due to tight fittings use the proper ventilation system to reduce the fog effect.


Main criteria to look in a ventilated Helmet

One must consider safety and comfort while buying a helmet. Here are few tips you should look for when you’re buying your helmet.

Previously, all helmets were open face helmet. But, in 1966 Bell Labs started designing full face helmet.

Slowly vent started appearing in all shape and sizes on the helmet.

The most common type of vent used in a helmet are chin type vent, top vent and back of the head vent.  You should make sure that the helmet sits right on your head with proper air flow taking place through the vent.

Your Helmet should also conform to DOT or Snell or ECE safety standards.


Suomy Apex Helmet review

suomy-apex-helmet-reviewThe Suomy is an Italian brand which introduced apex model helmet on 2011.

Suomy Apex helmet is both in compliance with DOT and ECE 22.05 Standards.


  • Suomy Apex is made up of composite carbon fibres and comes in different size from medium to large.
  • The rear part of Suomy Apex consists of polycarbonate filler which improves the aerodynamics of the helmet and provides more stability.
  • You get 15mm cheek pads with Suomy Apex. It may happen that it sits tightly on our jaw bone. If you’re uncomfortable with your cheek pads, you can get it changed with some other cheek pads available in the market.
  • Suomy Apex comes with a clear screen and uses a non-ratcheting screw system to raise or lower the face shield.
  • You can change your faceshield by using a small tool to press a release button between the helmet and the sidecover.
  • Apex shield is mostly clear screen and comes with the anti-fog and anti-scratch feature.
  • The air vent system of Suomy apex helps in circulating fresh air inside the helmet and keeps your head cool during summer months.


Pros and Cons

  • The Italian brand Suomy comes with the excellent graphic finish and superior build quality. It conforms to most of the safety standards and offers a comfortable riding option for the rider.
  • The neck roll in Suomy Apex is small in size and sometimes needs to be changed as it won’t fit all neck size.


HJC IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet review

hjc-is-max-ii-modular-motorcycle-helmet-reviewHJC is one of the most popular modular helmets in the market. Being modular in nature, you can easily flip it over and can do your regularly works with no need to remove it.


  • The modular HJC comes with a washable and anti-bacterial EPS Liner to keep your head moist free and also to provide the extra cushioning effect.
  • HJC modular motorcycle comes with groves for accommodating your eye glasses.
  • HJC faceshield are scratch resistant and blocks more than 95% of the UV radiation.
  • The HJC modular Helmet uses advanced channeling ventilation to move 40% more air into the helmet.
  • The HJC helmet uses a quicksnap mechanism to take out the faceshield. You can very easily open and close your faceshield with the help of a button.
  • Overall, HJC modular Helmet fits quite well and also has features to actively reduce the noise level on the highway. Still, if you’re feeling there is  lot of sounds in this modular helmet, you can  use your own ear bud.


Pros and Cons

  • Overall, this is quite affordable and feature rich helmet. Though I found that the sunshield don’t offer 100% protection to sunlight and the chinbar locking mechanism needs improvement.


Klim ECE Men’s F4 Motocross Motorcycle Helmet review

klim-ece-mens-f4-motocross-motorcycle-helmet-reviewRecently, Klim released a newer version of the ECE Mens F4 helmet with a lot of advanced features. Lets take a look at it.


  • The Klim ECE F4 helmet is compliant to European safety standards but is not approved by DOT (United State Department of Transport).
  • The helmet is of supreme build quality and is made to last. ECE F4 fits quite nicely and comes with nice padding to increase your level of comfort.
  • The vented faceshield come lots of adjustability option and has a good range of peripheral range of vision.
  • The Klim ECE F4 is made up of carbon fibre which makes it one of the lightest premium helmets on the road. It has a lot of vents and pushes lot more air than average helmets. Once you wear it, you’ll feel very cool and relaxed inside it.
  • The Klim model also uses a windstopper feature which helps in keeping your head warm and dry in cool weathers.
  • The chinstrap provided with ECE F4 functions perfectly. If you find any problem adjusting to the chinstrap, you can easily adjust it with another chinstrap from the market.


Pros and Cons

  • The klim helmet uses a lot of vents. But, sometimes you might find some problem with the high traffic noise. You can  use a noise cancelling ear plug to minimize the noise problem
  • Sometimes the cheek pad won’t fit well. You need to buy some extra cheek pad of your size to make it work.


Overall I shared my tested list of helmets with awesome ventilation and other quality features.Let me know if you’re facing any problems with ventilation issues in your helmet. For more helmet reviews, check out the best motorcycle helmet for small head.

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