FJR Essential Upgrade: Best Tires for FJR


The Yamaha FJR is one of the coolest bikes around. It is just a fantastic street bike and it is one of the most popular bikes on the market right now. What makes it such a popular bike is the way it is great for those recreational riders and also those who want a bike as their main form of transport. Plus the fact they look awesome is a very nice bonus. Anyway today we are helping you find the best tires for a FJR bike. We will have a look at a few of the things you should consider before you buy some tires and also we will look at some of the best FJR tires on the market right now. For FJR owners, you might check out our similar articles: best windshield for fjr and best seats for fjr.


Our Top FJR Tires (Our Reviews)

Just down below we are looking at two of the most popular FJR tires on the market right now. We are looking at tires from Pirelli and Michelin the two biggest tire companies in the world. Now it is worth noting that the tires we are looking at do come in different sizes so please keep that in mind. For the purpose of these reviews we are looking at the tires in general and not a specific size.


Pirelli Angel GT Motorcycle Tire

pirelli-angel-gt-motorcycle-tire-reviewFirst up we have the Pirelli Angel GT Motorcycle Tire. This is a very popular FJR tire and it is one of the biggest sellers. It is a very practical tire and it also have a very sporty kind of look to it as well. Pirelli are very well known for their quality control and we are being 100 percent honest with you when we say that we have read next to no negative reviews about these tires when people have gotten them and they have been defective.



  • Great on wet streets
  • The traction on wet surfaces is incredible
  • They have a great look
  • The Pirelli Angel GT Motorcycle Tires last for thousands of miles
  • Cornering traction is superb
  • Very fair price
  • These tires are said to last longer on a FJR than other tires
  • Perfect tires for people who are street riders


  • Can take a lot of miles to really break them in
  • These are really for street use only


Michelin Pilot Road 4 review

michelin-pilot-road-4-touring-radial-tire-reviewMichelin are one of the most recognized tire manufactures in the whole world. For a road bike the Yamaha FJR these tires are just ideal. The Pilot Road 4 features many improvements over the Pilot Road 3 tires. They stop better when they are wet, handle better and in general, Michelin have made sure that these are some of the best street tires on the market right now. When looking for tires for a FJR these have to be on your shortlist.



  • They stop shorter on wet ground than their competitors
  • They have excellent grip on the roads thanks to the 2 compound technology
  • Gives you a smooth ride
  • Perfect for those who use their bike to commute everyday
  • Works great on wet and dry roads
  • Greatly improved over the Pilot Road 2 and 3 tires
  • Have a very high quality look and design
  • The grip is fantastic


  • May take a while to really break in
  • Some people say the price is a little high


Things To Look For When Buying FJR Tires

Front, Back….. All Together Now

No this is not a new dance craze! What we are talking about here is checking if you are getting a front, back or a set of tires. In our experience some online sellers do not exactly make it easy to know if you are getting just one tire or a pair. So make sure you do a little digging before you hit that buy it now button.

Please Check The Size!

Look we know that this sounds insulting, but the fact of the matter is tires for a FJR can come in different sizes and some bikes need a certain size. Make sure that the tires you are buying are actually going to fit on your bike. Some people like chunkier tires as they feel it helps with steering. Some do not care and just want tires that are going to fit and be functional. Anyway make sure that the tires you are interested in will the FJR bike you have!

How Easy Are They To Put On

Tinkering with a motorcycle is a lot of fun and changing your own tires is one of the most basic and also most satisfying things that you can do. But some FJR tires can be more fiddly than others. So be sure to read a few reviews on the tires you are looking at to see if people have had an issues putting the tires on. We are not naming names here, but it does seem that the tires which are the biggest pain in the rear end to put on are ones for cheaper, less well known companies.

Break Them In Properly!

You would not believe how many reports of “terrible” FJR tires we have had and most of the time it is because a person has not broken them in properly. It is said that it takes 100 miles at an easy pace, taking corners as you go to properly break in a set of new tires. So please do not get an expensive set of tires and just start tearing it up around the neighborhood as you will not get the best out of them. Break them in gently and your new tires will give you many, many miles of use. Plus if you break them in properly, you will find that your bike should handle a lot smoother.

What Kind Of Rider Are You?

The Yamaha FJR is more of a street bike than anything else so you will not really be taking it off road much (but major props if you do!) anyway you will want to have a think about the kind of rider that you are. Do you want tires that are just for basic recreational use that are going to last you a long time? Or do you like to get out there and go fast and really have some fun? Well if that is the case you will want a set of street/sport tires as they will be better for you. So before you buy a set of tires just think to yourself “do these FJR tires suit my riding style?”



So What Are The Right FJR Tires For Me?

We have looked at two fantastic FJR tires here and if you wanted to buy us one of each for our birthday we would not mind one bit. But if you just want to buy one set of tires what is the right one for you? This is a very hard choice as both of these tires are fantastic. They offer great grip, can allow you to ride in pretty much any kind of weather and they look really cool as well. But we feel that the overall the Michelin Road Pilot 4 tires offer just that little bit more grip and offer a better ride in the rain. This is a really hard call as we have honestly not heard any bad things about the Pirelli Angel GT Motorcycle Tire either, but for us the Michelin Road Pilot 4 beats it by just a hair.

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