Best Seats for Yamaha FJR: Here Are My Recommendations


So I have a friend with a really awesome Yamaha FJR and he is looking for a Corbin seat for FJR or a Sargent seat for Yamaha FJR 1300. Now what is the big deal you may be thinking. Can he not just go on Amazon and get one? Well yes, but the problem he has is that he is really tall and most of the seats he has looked at are very uncomfortable. So I thought as I am a bit of a FJR enthusiast myself. That I would do a little buying guide on some of the best seats for a FJR. I have picked three different FJR seats all of which are suitable for tall as well as shorter riders. I will share with you the pros, cons and also let you know which one my buddy picked. We will also have a little bit of fun by putting Corbin and Sargent seats head to head and looking at what makes each one special.


Our Top FJR Seats (Our Reviews)

Here are the three different FJR seats that my buddy and I took a close look at. Now truth be told all three of these are great seats, but he could only buy one. Well he only needed one and if he bought a second seat I am pretty sure his wife would have killed him, buy you get my point. All three of these would be great for your FJR, but I will tell you what one he picked and how he has gotten on with it. So no matter if you want a Sargent or a Corbin seat for FJR I am sure you will be happy with the three we have just down below.


Sargent World Sport Performance FJR1300 Review – Best for Tall Riders

sargent-world-sport-performance-reviewFirst of all we have this Sargent seat for Yamaha FJR.1300.

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The Sargent World Sport Performance FJR1300 Seat. First thing I can tell you about this seat is that it is very firm. Much firmer than the stock seat. This is because it is built around a  precision molded, lightweight polytec base pan. The foam they have used is state of the art and the idea is that it will basically mold to your butt, making for a much more comfortable and stable ride. Also the vinyl that they have used to finish of the seat is just awesome as it UV stabilized. This means that if you were to leave your bike out in the sun, you have no worries about it fading.

But how is this for a tall rider? Well this is a few inches shorter than the stock seat you get with your FJR. Many Sargent seat for Yamaha FJR 1300 are this way and for taller riders it works out very good as you are not as hunched over when you ride. Also for shorter riders it may mean you do not have to be on your top toes when you ride. In all this offers a very comfortable ride.



  • Is very lightweight
  • Has a really cool look to it
  • It is comfortable for taller riders
  • Will never fade
  • Under the seat storage
  • Good price


  • It may take a while to break in
  • Some say that at first it feels a bit slippery


Top Sellerie France Deluxe Comfort Seat Lowered Height Review

top-sellerie-france-deluxe-comfort-seatLook I know you may have wanted to see a Corbin seat for FJR seat here, but this is actually a really cool bike seat.

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This has a special unique design and the idea of this design is that it is comfortable for both the rider and the passenger. Speaking of passenger. The foam and the overall design of the seat means that they will not be slipping to close to you. I really like how the seat is extra comfortable. Which means that even after a long ride, you will not feel sore like you can sometimes do with the FJR stock seat. To keep the seat in tip top condition it is waterproof and it has been made so it will not fade in the sun.

As far as taller riders go. This is a seat that is a bit lower, so it is similar to the Sargent seat for Yamaha FJR 1300 we just looked at. If you are taller then you know that the more hunched over you are the more uncomfortable a ride can be. I do not think that you will have this issue with this seat.



  • Waterproof design
  • Foam is fantastic
  • It is so comfortable, you will be able to ride for longer
  • Feels great even on a hot and sweaty day
  • Is just as comfortable for the passenger as the rider
  • Reasonable price


  • Not quite as cool as the other seats
  • Do you really care about the passengers comfort?


Yamaha ABA-2D221-10-00 Comfort Seat for Yamaha FJR1300

yamaha-aba-2d221-10-00-comfort-seat-for-yamaha-fjr1300Here we have the Yamaha ABA-2D221-10-00 Comfort Seat for Yamaha FJR1300 which some may say is just really a step up from the stock seat.

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But I actually think this is a great seat and if you do not want to spend 500 bucks or more then this is a great, more budget option. To start with the aim of this seat is comfort. It has more of a saddle shape than the stock seat so you are much more comfortable. In general this seat has a much higher feel and it does not have that slippery feeling that many people say the stock seat has. It may not look as cool as the other seats, but like I said for a more budget priced seat this is well worth considering.

For taller riders I do think that this will provide a more comfortable ride. Perhaps not as comfortable as a Sargent seat for Yamaha FJR 1300. But certainly more comfortable than the stock one. It is about the same height as the stock seat, but I do think that the extra comfort this provides will make it much better for a taller rider.


Sargent vs Corbin

Ok so while we have not looked specifically at a Corbin seat for FJR they are still one of the most popular FJR seats on the market. Actually if I were a betting man I would say that most people looking to upgrade their stock seat will be looking at a Sargent or a Corbin seat. Honestly there is not really any negatives for either of these and if I were to list them it would be nitpicking. But I do want to share with you some of the things that make these the most popular bike seats.



Polytec seat pans which are firm, long lasting and also lightweight.

They have their own kind of special foam, “Super Cell Atomic Foam” which makes for a much more comfortable ride.

Most of the Sargent seat for Yamaha FJR 1300 have an under the seat storage area.



No ordinary base pan here, Corbin’s Fibretech base pan is awesome!

The Corbin backrest system is known to make even the longest rides feel comfortable

Their comfort cell foam is said to be some of the firmest yet most comfortable foam on any bike seat.


So What Is The Right FJR Seat For A Taller Rider?

So what is the seat my buddy bought? Well he went for the Sargent World Sport Performance FJR1300 Seat and he has not regretted it at all. The other two that we looked at are great, but for many people my buddy included a Sargent seat for Yamaha FJR 1300 was always the way to go. Still I recommend that you have a look at the other two, especially if you are on a budget as the third option can save you a couple of hundred bucks. Also be sure to have a look at a Corbin seat for FJR as they have some of the best seats on the market right now.

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