Best R6 Forums To Ask Questions

Best R6 forums

This is a comprehensive list of forums and online communities that focuses on R6 discussion. If you have any questions to ask or just to share your love for this bike, these are the places to do it.

Below are the best R6 forums

R6 Forums Members
1 100,000
2 50,000
3 NA
4 NA
5 300
6 900,000
7 13,000
8 12,000


Besides number of members, an important gauge is how many daily posts or threads are created. All the forums except 5 have daily posts or threads, making them very lively to participate in.

The oldest among them will probably be forum #2, which started in 2001. #6 might be as old but I can’t find the starting date for that particular sub reddit.

Details for each forums are given below.



This is arguably one of the biggest R6 forum online. Below are some stats:

  • Started in 2003
  • 102,000 members as of this date
  • 3 million posts

The forum is organized into different useful sections, ranging from general discussion to specialized topics like how to mod your R6. There is also a marketplace section for you buy and sell motorcycle parts.

On the right, you have things like the top contributors to give spotlight to members who have contributed the most. Finally, the trending discussion on the bottom gives you a good flavor on what is currently trending in the community.

This community is operated by Vertical Scope, a media company based in Canada. They specialized in communities and owns have a few besides this. There is also the general motorcycle bike where other models are being discussed as well.

This is another R6 run by the same company as the above forum. Considering that there are 2 identical forums, the numbers are actually quite impressive. Some stats below

  • Started in 2001
  • Almost 50,000 members as of this date
  • 1.9 million posts

Compared to R6-forum, this one has a lot more sub topics. There is one section that is all about R6 as you can seen from the screenshot above. The other sections extended coverage to other non R6 sportbikes. There is also a section just for community talk and one for buying and selling. Interesting, there is even a section to cater for regional groups.

However, there is no trending discussions shown here. Only the latest discussions are highlighted.




This forum is smaller  than the previous forum. There was no stats available but I calculated they have around 4000 posts.

However smaller, this forum has finer segmentation of topics. For example, on top of modifications category, there are separate categories on topics such as oil and lucubration, safety gear and race days. All these topics are very useful and relevant to any R6 rider so the forum owner definitely knows his audience.

A cool feature of this forum is the garage showcase area whereby each member can upload photos for their bikes in the garages. It is a neat way for members to look at how other garages look like and to learn how to organize their own.

One downside is that there are a lot of ads on this side especially on the bottom.



This forum seems to be owned by the same company as #3 as it shared the same layout and endless ad scrolling at the bottom.

Unlike the other three, this is a Yamaha bikes forum with a section devoted to the R6.

Activity wise, this is the weakest with only 280 threads being created. However, if you interested in other Yamaha bikes, there are almost 10,000 threads on the different topics.

Within the R6 sections, there is no further categorization. So what you get is just the latest replied to threads, which means you probably need to spend a lot of time searching for the right thread if you are looking for help.

Similar to #3, there is also a personal garage section where you can upload pics of your own bike and garages.




Besides forums, reddit is another place where you can find vibrant R6 communities.

One of the top sub reddit for R6 is the Yzf sub reddit. This is for all thing dealing with Yzf sub brand including R6 and R1.

Activity wise, it is not as vibrant as the other forums. It has around 300+ members and has been around for 6 years. Threads are not common. On average there is a new thread in every 2-3 months. However, their past threads do contain some valuable information that might useful to a R6 newbie.


If you want a more active sub reddit, try the motorcycle sub reddit. Although it is not as specific as a R6, you can discuss anything there including the R6.

This sub reddit has the following stats

  • 900,000+ members
  • 1000+ online at anytime

In terms of members, this sub reddit has the most members. Best of all, there are always people there. That makes it more likely for your questions to be answered.

Below are some good threads on R6 in this sub reddit

Warning: you can spend a lot of time in this sub reddit if you are not careful.




Facebook group is another place where you can vibrant R6 communities. Here is one which is focus on buying and selling of spare parts. Some stats

  • Almost 13 members
  • Monthly 2000+ posts were made

All these indicate a very vibrant community. If you have a Facebook account, this is a good group to join and discuss all things R6.



Here is a second R6 Facebook group. However it is less vibrant than the previous one.

  • Almost 12,000 members
  • Monthly posts of around 200+

While the membership is around the same, this Facebook group has much lessor posts, indicating a lower level of activity. However, this group is not focus on buying and selling of R6 parts. Instead, it is more focus on sharing stories of your R6 adventures, which might explain its lower activity level.



Here you have it. 8 R6 forums that can help answer any questions you might have about R6 or simply to share your R6 stories.

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