Best Motorcycle Riding Boots With Thick Soles for Short Riders

Best Motorcycle Riding Boots With Thick Soles for Short Riders

A high-quality pair of motorcycle boots is an essential accessory for riders. They are not only useful for protecting against the elements, but also help to prevent injury to the ankles or feet. Plus, there are plenty of different types to match the specific needs, including street boots, racing boots and off-road boots as well as boots for wide feet folks. A variety of factors need to be considered in the process of buying the right motorcycle boots. The closure, height, construction and materials are key points. Proper fit is important the give the best all-round protection, while extra padding can benefit.

One of the first things mentioned to the short rider is to look at buying a pair of thick-soled boots. The extra height means the shorter rider finds it easier and safer when it comes to stopping and moving off. Many motorcycle boots have a special insole to raise the heel and toes, while others have the thicker outer sole.


What are the best motorcycle boots for short riders?

If you don’t feel entirely comfortable with your motorcycle boots, why not take a look at our top rated products that are perfect for the short rider.


Sidi Adventure Gore Black Motorcycle Boots Review

Sidi Adventure Gore Black Motorcycle Boots reviewThe Sidi Adventure Gore Black Motorcycle Boots are a high-quality pair of riding boots. These boots are a hybrid of Sidi’s road and off-road boots to give all-round comfort and support. The construction of the boots includes top grain leather, a shock-resistant and rigid heel cup, a composite inner sole, a sweat wicking cambrelle lining, and hinged ankle support. Plus, these motorcycle boots are entirely breathable and waterproof to give the best possible protection in all weather conditions.



  • Very well built; easily have the potential to last a long time
  • Soles are thick and no issues with squeaks
  • Great grip with the soft rubber sole
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Top grain leather construction
  • Removable arch support



  • Boots are very thick, so it may be necessary to adjust the shifter peg because the stock configuration on some bikes isn’t enough


White’s Boots Men’s Smoke Jumper Lace-To-Toe Boot (400VLTT)

White's Boots Men's 400VLTT Smoke Jumper Lace-To-Toe Boot reviewThe White’s Boots Men’s Smoke Jumper Lace-To-Toe Boot is a great pair of motorcycle boots for the rider in need of a little extra height. They are very well made in high-quality full-grain leather with a Vibram sole and ten inch height. The water resistant leather helps to provide great comfort and flexibility in all environments on land or on the road. Plus, the deep tread of the sole not only helps to give great grip, but gives a useful amount of height.



  • Well made; once the boots are broken in, they are very comfortable
  • High-quality craftsmanship and finish
  • Full-grain leather is able to perfectly conform to the shape of the foot
  • Great arch support
  • Heavy duty boots that can leave a person feeling quite formidable
  • Water resistant



  • This pair of White’s Boots can feel a little heavy for some riders, and may need a little time to get used to


Daytona M-Star GTX Motorcycle Boot Review

Daytona M Star Boots reviewThe Daytona M-Star GTX Motorcycle Boot has the ability to provide premium style, protection and performance. Plus, the GORE-TEX membrane is certain to keep the rider dry and comfortable. A critical factor for shorter riders is the 2.5 cm insole to provide extra height for all-round better handling at a stop or control in general. Plus, the boots are totally waterproof to make a perfect choice in all weather conditions.



  • Great quality; comfortable right out of the box
  • Extra height gives more control at traffic lights or low-speed maneuvering
  • Fully waterproof
  • Warm and comfy when on the motorcycle
  • Comfortable for short walking distances
  • Nonslip and robust rubber sole
  • Useful shin protection area
  • Velcro fastener to secure around the different calf sizes



  • The sole is a little stiff, so the boots aren’t the most comfortable for walking long distances – say anything over ¼ mile


Buying Guide

A proper pair of motorcycle boots is there to give protection to the feet and legs. The boots must give the desired comfort, while a slight heel is practical to increase comfort when using the pegs.


Material: The best motorcycle boots for short riders are certain to come in rugged and thick leather to give the desired protection in the event of high-speed abrasions. A leather shaft lining is nice to provide ventilation, while GORE-TEX can provide the breathability and waterproof qualities. Any boots worn in a dry climate can benefit from boots with venting or breathable panels.


Soles: The soles are best in an oil-resistant and thick Vibram to avoid issues with marring the flooring or while resting against hot pipes. A rugged or textured sole is helpful to avoid issues with slipping when waiting at traffic lights or when getting off the motorcycle. The boots with a thick sole are practical for shorter riders and give greater stability and comfort all-round. It is best to avoid the thin soles because the vibration of the engine can pass through the foot pegs leading to fatigue and discomfort over time.


Protection: Motorcycle boots are built with a high-strength molding in certain areas, such as the toes, shins and ankles. This helps to provide extra protection to the skin from fire, hot fuel or asphalt in the event of an accident. Also, boots can feature interior padding. The type of protection needed varies with the type of rider. For instance, the racer will need extra armor to safeguard in case of high-speed impact.



Overall, the best motorcycle boots for short riders give that extra little bit of height to make the bike adventure more comfortable. If you find you are often on tiptoes at lights, the boots with the thicker sole are a great long-term solution to rectify this problem.

With the extra height you will find it is possible to feel a lot more stable at all times while out riding on the motorcycle.

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