Best Motorcycle Boots for Wide Feet (2020 version)

Best Motorcycle Boots for Wide Feet

Updated 2020 – This is the most comprehensive list of motorcycle boots that caters for wide feet for both men and women. Almost all online and offline stores do not offer such categories so this list will save you a lot of time in looking around.


Best motorcycle boots for wide feet that measures E to EEE

  1. Forma Adventures Boots
  2. Milwaukee Motorcycle Boots
  3. Alpinestars Toucan Boots
  4. Tourmaster Wide Feet Motorcycle Boots

For wide women motorcycle boots, the choices are

  1. Tourmaster Wide Feet Motorcycle Boots
  2. Ariat H20 Boots


My favourite  motorcycle for wide feet is the Forma Adventure Boots. It has a wide toe box that caters to wide feet that measure E to EE.  It is also the most affordable among the choices listed.


Best men motorcycle boots for wide feet


1. Forma Off Road Motorcycle Boot Review

forma wide motorcycle boots reviewThe final recommendation that I am making is for the Forma Boots. The front was designed with extra space so it will feel very roomy.

The forma boot are incredibly easy to break in. You need probably need than a week to feel very comfortable, even for those with wide feet. Like the model above, the insoles can also be changed and swapped as necessary.

This model is especially great if you are going off road adventure biking. Most other boots that claim to be adventure boots lacked the kind of supported needed for off road biking.

In terms of water proofing, they can be counted on to keep away the mud if you are riding off road. However, they are not 100% water proof. If you soak them in water for too long a period, some water will get in.


2. Milwaukee Motorcycle Boot Review

Milwaukee Motorcycle bike reviewMilwaukee boots are are well built and are comfortable to wear in. I can walk in them for hours and still feel very good.

In terms of the width, it is pretty wide. You can see it in the picture on the left. When you are buying it, stick to true size as there is plenty of room in the shoe. If you buy a size bigger, it is going to be too loose.

For those who are particular about cleanliness, you can take out the insoles and actually wash them. Pretty neat. You can also replace them with something more comfortable or when they are worn out.

The zipper on the side of the bot makes it much easier for you to get in and out of the boot.

Overall, another good pair of boots that you can consider buying!


3. Alpinestars Toucan motorcycle boots review

Alpinestars Toucan motorcycle bootsThe Alpinestars Toucan boots are quality boots, although they comes with an expensive price tag as well!

The toe box on this pair of boots is generous. Some reviewers even complaint that they are too wide, making it difficult to judge the shifting of the lever.

There is a lot of details I like about this pair of boots. For example, the gaiter at the top is meant to keep water out so that your feet can stay dry when it is raining. The material used is also very sturdy, ensuring they can withstand the harshest environment conditions.

One down side is that it can take a while to break in the Alpinestars Toucan. This is due to the stiff sole as well as the material in general.

The way the buckle is design also takes some used to if you have never wear a pair of Toucan before.



Best women motorcycle boots for wide feet

Finding motorcycle boots for wide feet for me is already very difficult, coming up with a list for women is almost impossible given the limited model available.


4. Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Review

tourmaster solution 2.0 motorcycle boots reviewOne of the rare motorcycle boots under 200 that has a wide feet design and caters for women riders.

The Tourmaster Solution boots has a spacious forefoot although it is not as wide as some running shoes. However, according to the reviews at Amazon, many wide feet folks are finding this to be comfortable and affordable.

These boots can be used for all weather. For summer, they have not feel too hot. For winter, it is withstand temperature below 0 degrees. However, if you get to the -30 degrees state, the boots might start to crack open at the seams. If such cases happen, it is best to resew the boots.

The boots also claim to be waterproof but to my knowledge, it is not 100%. If you soak your feet in water, I can guarantee you that water will sip in. However, if you are taking about stepping on puddles, this pair of boots is indeed water proof.

Overall, it is a great quality boot that is comfortable and features a nice wide feet design for women.


5. Ariat H2O motorcycle boots

Ariat h20 women motorcycle boots

Ariat H2O is a comfortable women motorcycle boots that have a wide toe box. It is hard to find these but many wide feet women riders have high praise for it.

Beside being wide, the interior has lots of cushioning, especially around the ankle section, as can seen from the image. They are also very easy to break in.

All these made the Ariat boots something that you can wear without tiring out your feet too easily.

Protection wise, it has all the necessary ingredients for a motorcycle boots. Ankle protection is sturdy while the soles are solid.

All in all, it is a dream boots to own but unfortunately, production seems to have stopped. If you want a pair, you will need to hunt around.


How to buy the right sizing

If you have a wide feet that measure E and above, there is some adjustment you need to make when buying motorcycle boots.

Let’s take the Forma Adventure sizing as an example.

The instructions from the company is to add 15-20 cm to the length of your feet to find the right sizing for your boots. However, this only work for people with normal feet

For wide feet riders, it is safer to add 25 to 30 cm. This ensures you have a taller toe box for your feet to wriggle in. The wider feet you have, the more cm you need to add to the usual sizing instructions.



It is never easy to buy a pair of motorbike boots, let alone one that has a wide feet design. Hopefully, these 3 recommendations given here can make your life a bit easier. Don’t feet shy to ask any questions in the comments below.
To summarize, what you are getting is a pair of adventure boots that is comfortable for the wide toe folks, looks stylish and offers sufficient protection for any off road riding.

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