Best Kevlar Motorcycle Hoodie [Maximum Safety]

Best Kevlar Motorcycle Hoodie

Want to wear a hoodie when riding a motorcycle but worry about lack of protection? The good news is that there are now armored hoodie using kevlar materials.

The best kevlar motorcycle hoodie is the Dapper hoodie. It is fully lined with kevlar and includes armored elbow, should and back pads for additional protection. More importantly, the hoodie fits snugly and will not flop around when accidents happen. 


What is Kelvar

Kelvar is a synthetic material developed by Dunlop in the 60s. Its biggest benefit is that it is abrasion and heat resistant, making it very ideal for motorcycle protective gear. If you are interested to know more about Kevlar, check out this article that I have written on best kevlar leggings.

Kevlar is now commonly used in all sorts of motorcycle protective gear, including jeans, leggings, jacket etc. They are gaining popularity due to their light weight and easy to wear nature.

If you are never a fan for those armored motorcycle gear and wants some protection, do check out the kevlar motorcycle gear.


Are Kelvar hoodies good and safe?

Hoodies that are lined with kevlar lining possess the same abrasion resistance properties as a knife proof vest. They are capable of absorbing the impact that would otherwise be inflicted on your skin during accidents.

That is if the hoodie manage to stay in place when the crash happened. More likely than not, hoodies tend to flop around which can leave your skin exposed.

This is the main weakness of most kevlar hoodies: they are not fitted.

As such, they are ok to protect your body from impact but if the accident involves any sliding along the road, your hoodie’s protective function might not kick in.

This is why the models I recommended below are more form fitting to ensure the above does not happen.


Top recommended kevlar hoodie


Dapper kevlar hoodie

Dapper kelvar hoodieDapper kevlar hoodie is one of those rare kevlar hoodie that has a more fitted structure due to the heavier material used. Some might think this make the hoodie a bit bulky but it is actually a good thing for motorcycle riding.

There is also a belt loop strap that you can used to make sure the hoodie stays in place. This is crucial during accidents to ensure the hoodie does not flop or lift to expose your skin.

It also comes with pad protection for the elbows, shoulders and back to give you that additional abrasion protection. Remember to take these out when you want to wash them.

The comfort is good, even through the additional of pads.

For sizing, the hoodie runs a size smaller. If you want a snug fit, just buy the size you normally buy. For a looser fit, go for one size up. I recommend you go for a more tight fit for safety reasons.


Scorpion kevlar hoodie review

Scorpion kevlar hoodie reviewThe Scorpion hoodie is technically not made of kevlar. However, it still can be considered being an armored hoodie due to the materials used.

Instead of normal cotton,  the scorpion hoodie uses rhino mesh lining. According to the manufacturer, this increase the abrasion resistant of the hoodie to 5 x of the normal armored hoodie.

The hoodie’s elbow and shoulder area has also been further enforced with more rhino mesh lining. However, only the elbow has the CE1 pads. If you want pads for your shoulder and back, there are slots within the hoodie for you to insert some.

Sizing wise, it runs true size. It has a pretty snug fit so the probability of the hoodie flipping out during accidents is quite small.


Guide to selecting a good armored motorcycle hoodie

  • Snug fitting: The most important criteria of any good kevlar clothing is its ability to maintain its shape. This applies especially to hoodie, which tends to be loose and non form fitting.
  • Material: Make sure that at least 90% or more of the lining used kevlar. This is essential to ensure more of your upper body is well protected. There will be sellers who claimed that their hoodie is kevlar but has a much lower percentage.
  • Pads: For added protection, look for hoodies that comes with elbow and shoulder armor pads. Ideally, they should be CEI to ensure the armor is solid enough. They should also be removable so that the hoodie can be wash easily.


Alternative to kevlar hoodie

The safer option I would recommend is to wear a thin body armor underneath your normal hoodie. This gives you more protection as the body armor is form fitting and wouldn’t flop around easily.

A good brand to consider for such a body armor is the one from Bohn.


Bohn armored motorcycle shirt review

Bohn armor motorcycle shirt

Bohn’s armored shirt is a great piece of protective gear that allows your to wear any loose normal clothing on top of it, like a hoodie.

It fits tightly without being uncomfortable. Hence, there is no risk of the shirt flopping around when an accident happens.

If you are worried about it being too hot when being worn on humid days, the good news is you will not be. The material is made to be cooling as it allows ventilation so it can be cooled by evaporation.

The shirt also comes with CE1 elbow and shoulder pads for added protection. In the event that the pads are damaged, you can replace them by ordering from the Bohn’s website directly.

This design is unisex so it can be worn by both men and women.



Wearing a hoodie during motorcycle riding is not always the best option when it comes to protective gear. The next best thing is to look for one where it is lined with kevlar to ensure you have protection from abrasion and impact in case accidents happen.

Editor’s note: for more related gear, check out our guide on the best kelvar legging for men and women.

When buying kevlar hoodie, fit is the most important criteria to watch out for.  The kevlar hoodies will be completely useless if they cannot stay on your body during crashed.

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