Best Coolant for Yamaha R6 and R1

Best Coolant for Yamaha R6 and R1

Presented here are the best coolant recommendations for Yamaha R6. You will need to change your factory after 2 years as it loses its cooling ability and corrosion protection.

The best coolant for Yamaha R6 and R1 is the engine ice. It can cool the R6 down by at least 1o to 20 degrees. This coolant can also keep your water pump and radiator clean. Finally, it uses Propylene Glycol so it is more environmentally friendly.

Below are more details reviews on engine ice as well as 2 other brands.


R6 Coolants reviews

Here are the top 3 recommendations for any Yamaha R6 riders.

Engine Ice Review

Engine Ice TYDS008Engine ice is one of the more popular coolant brand from R6 riders.

It works really well and can cool your bike by at least 20-30%. For those who ride long distances, especially during summer, you will notice the difference quite easily. Just check your temperature gauge after changing your existing coolant with this one.

Now, there are some mixed reviews online saying this coolant does not work. I notice most of these are coming from newer 2012-2015 models. For older models, most said it effectively drop their temperature.

This is something that you might want to take note of.

Another possible reason is that some of these bikes are not running hot at all. As a result, the drop in temperature is not as drastic as some others who bike run really really hot!

Before pouring this in, it is recommended that you plush the old coolant out as mixing two brands together is not ideal. This can easily done by plushing your engine with distilled water until everything is cleared.

What I liked

  • Pre diluted so no need to add more water
  • Better than default coolant
  • More environmentally friendly due to the use of Propylene Glycol vs Ethylene Glycols

What I disliked

  • More expensive than other coolants


Red line water wetter review

Red Line Water Wetter reviewA cheaper option is the red line water wetter. This is not a coolant but something you mixed in together with a coolant and distilled water.

The composition of the 3 components are usually in this order:

  • 20-25%% coolant
  • rest of it is distilled water
  • the necessary water wetter as per the instructions on the bottle

In terms of heat reduction, it can easily bring your current temperature down by 10-20%.

If your temperature gauge is not showing a drop, it might be because the thermostat tends to adjust to the new temperature, thus showing no change.

What you can do is to take the thermostat from your bike and measure the temperature after plushing after the current coolant. Measure once with only water. Then plush out the water and refilled with both water and water wetter. Measure again. You should then see a drop in temperature.

Another way to see this work is to look how clean the water pump and radiator is. Since they are not over heating, both should look much cleaner before you used the water wetter.


Red line supercool review

Red Line 80205 Supercool reviewThe red line supercool is a pre mixed of distilled water and water wetter. As such, you only need to mix in 50% of this with 50% of anti freeze or another coolant.

Buying the water wetter from above and doing your own dilution achieves the same result but at a lower cost. As such, it is only recommended if you want the convenience of everything already pre mixed.

In terms of result, it will similar to the water wetter before i.e it works. This should drop your temperature by 10 to 20 degrees.

What I liked

  • Convenient
  • Works effectively

What I dislike

  • Not as value for money as pre mixing your own


Buying Guide for Yamaha R6 coolant

Some notes when buying coolant for your motorcycle.

  • Composition – While getting the right coolant for your Yamaha R6 is important, the  ratio of the coolant to water is also another factor. Usually, the range is ratio is either 1/3 or 1/2 coolant and the rest distilled water. Some of the coolant is already pre mixed so it saves you this step
  • Compatibility – Ensure the coolant brand is compatible with your motorcycle’s brand. If you are unsure, ask the retailer selling them. For these 3 brands I recommend, they have been proven to work with Yamaha R6.
  • Plushing – Before using any new coolant, you need to plush out the existing coolant in your bike using distilled water. Drain out the current coolant and top it out with distilled water. Do not be surprised if the water that drains out is dark as that is probably rust. Start the bike and let it run for 5 mins. Then drain out the distilled water. Do this for a few times. At the final top, use the coolant that is already pre mixed with water.  The total time taken will be around 30 mins or more if you have never done it before.

Editor’s note: never use tap water because it contains too many minerals that might clog your engine.

  • Environmentally friendly – Not the most important factor but if you are concerned, go for those with Propylene Glycol, like the engine ice brand

Are these the best coolant for R1

The brands recommended can be used for Yamaha RI as well.  For coolant, go for the engine ice while for water watter, go for the red line individual pack.



There is a mixed sentiment about coolants. Some feel that they don’t work while others think they are effective in bring the temperature down. I am in the latter because I can objectively measure the temperature drop. If you are not seeing the change, it might be due to the  way you are measuring.

If you like to change your coolant for your R6 or R1, you can’t go wrong with engine ice. (Check out our article on the best for R6)

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