Best Cold Weather Motorcycle Jacket for 2016


The winter is coming… Not that one. I’m talking about the real nasty cold that is yet to come in 2016. So if you’re a biker, looking to buy a cold weather biker jacket, you’re in for a treat.

In this post, I’ll tell you about the different types of a biker jacket, features to look for and our Top picks for 2016 and 2017.


Types of biker jackets

Before you go on a shopping spree and start buying a lot of jackets, you should decide which type of jackets are suitable for you?

Some points to take into consideration:

  • Weather type
  • Condition of the road and the trail
  • Your Body type

Here are some basic types of jacket

Classic Leather Jacket

Classic Leather types are the one that most people refer as a biker jacket. These jackets are of waist length and come in full sleeve form.

Probably, we’ve seen it several times worn by our father with that signature snap collar and slant zipper look.

It has several types of zippers and pocket in its arsenal which gives it a gusty look and prevents it from ballooning at high speed.

Touring Style jacket

So, if you’re rider who spends a long time on the road, this one is perfect for you. Touring style jacket comes with lots of features like three-quarter length for ease of movement, removable cold-weather lining and adjustable straps on arms which make it perfect for riding in harsh condition.

The jackets come with a waterproof exterior and front, back and side vents for easy passage of air.

Sports Jacket

So, if you’re a sports person, then you must be familiar with this type of jacket. These types of jackets are waist length, leather made and come with numerous vents and holes for ease of movement.

Sports jacket do come with a slippery texture so as to reduce contact point with the road surface in case of a skid off.


Features to look for in a Motorcycle Jacket

There are various features to look for in a motorcycle jacket. Here are few of the important features you should consider while buying a motorcycle jacket.

  • Outer material: The outer material of the jacket plays very important role in providing protection and comfort to the biker. Your jacket may be made up of leather or any textile-based material. It should be durable, lightweight and waterproof.
  • Pockets: Pockets not only allow you to have several types of things with you but also prevent your jacket from blowing up during riding. A well-featured jacket should consist a good mix of internal and external pockets.
  • Protectors: All jackets are not compatible with protectors. So, if you’re into high-speed riding you must ensure that your jacket can be fitted with Removable CE approved impact protectors. They provide one more layer of protection and helps in reducing injury.
  • Visibility: If you’re night rider, you should consider some jacket with fluorescent colors that enhance visibility and prevent an accident during the night or foggy condition.


Cold Weather Motorcycle Jacket Review

After knowing what you should be looking out for, here are some of my favorite jackets to recommend.

Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Men’s motorcycle jacket review

joe-rocket-phoenix-5-0-mens-motorcycle-jacket-reviewThis is one of my old time favourites and has been around in the market for around a decade. Recently, they’ve come with a new design and with a lot more option for comfort, ease, and protection.

Now Phoenix 5.0 by Joe Rocket is an all-weather jacket that you can use in hot summer as well as in light winter condition.



  • The earlier Phoenix version used to come in a grey mesh design. The new version has undergone considerable design up gradation.  The Jacket comes in multi-color: Blue black, Green Black and all Black color. The Jacket has a minimalistic look and is aesthetically quite pleasant.
  • The Jacket is form fitting and will get on you very well. It has also got full sleeve zipper and has Velcro feature to improve fitting and comfort.
  • The Phoenix comes with lots of pockets both inside and outside of your jacket and will offer you lots of spaces to store your keys and other personal items.
  • The Jacket uses a mesh network to ensure optimum flow of air through your whole body. You should remove the inner liner and then use the jacket during summer days to bring you the maximum relief.


Pros and Cons

Phoenix comes in all sizes and in a lot of color combination. It has superior air ventilation feature, great design and fits all pocket size. However, the jacket is not waterproof and can’t be worn in the rainy season.


Viking Cycle thor motorcycle jacket review

viking-cycle-thor-motorcycle-jacket-reviewThor Jacket is made by Viking cycle. The style can be used for various purposes like cruising or for touring. The Jacket is mostly used for cooler weather for temperature around 50-60 degree Fahrenheit. This also extends to 30- 40 degree Fahrenheit because of the presence of the inner linen.



  • The Jacket has two mirror image front line pocket closed by a zipper. The Pocket consists of a port-like structure for your headphones. It has got two pockets for your hands down below and runs quite deep.
  • The Thor Jacket also consists of velcrow syncing for improving fit and comfort. You also have the velcro flap in your wrist.
  • The jacket also consists of two vents on the side arms. The air enters through the vent to the other side of the back through another layer lining. The venting is limited, that’s why it is most importantly a cool weather jacket.
  • The Cordura fabric is used in the jacket which is well known to be used in cycle jackets. In the front, over the zipper it has an overlapping velcro which helps in keeping the wind and water out.
  •  In the inside, it has got liner which is attached to the jacket with a zipper. It has also got the velcro to keep the liner in place.
  • Now, on the inside, you have two zipper pockets on both sides. Plus it has also got a pouch for keeping your mobile or music device. The liner is also quite well built and can be taken out for a ride in the summer.


Pros and Cons

Overall it’s a great cold weather jacket. One thing is that the sleeve is quite small, so it might be a problem for a person with tall hands.


TourMaster Coaster 3 men’s leather motorcycle jacket review

tourmaster-coaster-3-mens-leather-motorcycle-jacket-reviewTourMaster Coaster is a 3 season cold weather jacket. TourMaster Coaster has been around in the market quite some time. They came up with the new stylized design with the vertical flapper.

Let’s take a look at their features.



  • The Jacket is made up of soft leather and is around 1mm thick and runs throughout the jacket. The leather is durable and will prevent you from injury if accidents do happen.
  • The Jacket is designed as American race cut. So it has some generous space in the belly area. It comes down as narrow in the waist area. This ensures good fit and comfort for everyone. Some like it. Some don’t. Personally, I love it.
  • The Jacket has accordion feature along with a velcro strap which helps in keeping your jacket well fitted with your body. The jacket is also reinforced triple stretch, so it would stay in your place offering ultimate comfort and protection.
  • The Jacket has flex panel across your arm. This excess of leather allows you to move your arm freely. It has also got two backside vents which allows the excess amount of hot air to move freely out.
  • The Jacket also comes with Removable CE approved arm protector. Now, there is no back protector. So, if you want to go that direction, you’ve to purchase it separately.
  • Now one feature that I like very much is that there are 3 line strap over the white strap. They start glowing during night increasing the visibility and safeguard you from the accident.


Pros and Cons  

This jacket comes with great design, fit, comfort and is highly recommended



Overall, I found that the Phoenix 5.0 as a great jacket and would highly recommend for the same.

I’ve shared my list of top motorcycle jackets with you. If you’ve any particular favourite jacket, do let us know in the comment. Don’t forget to share this list with your friends and family.

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