The Mega Guide: Dual Sports Bike vs Sport Bike


You’re confused between buying a Dual sports or a Sports bike, right? Don’t worry.

In this post, I’ll show how to choose a bike for yourself without spending a million hours researching about it.

But first, let me share my story with you.

During my college days, I bought the Honda XR650L with the thought I’ll go boom boom with it and all the pretty girls would fall for it. However, the reality was tad different. It took me 5 long months to fully master it. And, of course, I met with some serious disaster.

So, before you go with all your guns blazing to buy the next super awesome bike , you should really need to answer these questions:

What features should your motorbike need to have to make your ride awesome?

What features you should look in a Dual sports bike?

What you should consider before buying a Sports bike?

Whether you’re the right fit for the bike?

In this post, I’ll answer all of your questions one by one.


What you should consider while buying a Dual Sports?

If you’ve previous experience with Dual Sports, then it is okay for you to hop on the store one fine day and pick your baby just like that. But, if you don’t have any experience with Dual Sports bike, you should carry on reading this post.

There’re various factors you should consider before proceeding to buy your bike.


Skill Level

Now, riding a Dual Sports bike requires skill which you may not possess at the time. It does takes time and lots of practice. So, if you’re a beginner, you should consider buying yourself a small used bike Yamaha XT-350 and do regular practice with that.You should practise three to six months to learn how to manage it and roll with it.

You can also enroll yourself into motor school to take anymotorcycle course to get yourself skilled up for the job. Buying yourself a shiny new bike right off the bat will probably result in financial loss and more accidents for you.



Now Height is big factor you should really consider if you’re going to buy a Dual Sports. While riding a Dual Sports you’ve to sit upright and if you’re of shorter height the, it is going to cause lot of back pain and uneasiness for you. The Dual Sports bike consists of long-travel suspensions and the tall four-stroke cylinders which makes it quite tall.

You can start looking for models in the 250cc range such as the Honda CRF230L, Kawasaki’s KLX250, Suzuki’s DR-200SE and Yamaha’s WR250R and the XT250.However, you would have great difficulty in increasing your speed limit beyond a certain range.


Type of Riding

Now all the Dual Sports bikes are mainly used as offroad bike riding and for adventure ride. But you need to think how much of use will this beast will be to you and your family. If you’re an adventure junkie and would like to take regular trips through that dark forest trail near your locality, then it’s fine. But, if you’re planning to use it for regular ride down the road, then I think you’ll better off with a regular bike.



Dual sports can cost anywhere from $500 for a used bike to $10000 for brand new BMW bike. No doubt you can get a used Dual sport for $600 but still, safety and reliability will be a prime concern. If you’re planning to buy second-hand bike, then make sure you know the stuff about your bikes or better take a help of expert.



What you should consider while buying a Sportsbikes?

So after lot of thinking and persuasion, you’ve decided to buy a Sports bike. And, to make the matter more worse this is your first time.

If such is the case, then you should consider the following points before buying a sport bike.


Riding Gear

Since Sport bikes produce much more acceleration and torque, it would be absolutely foolish to buy a sports bike without buying any proper riding gear. You should buy certified Helmet, jacket and gloves and should allocate 10% of your actual budget for buying safety gear.


Used Bike

If you’re a beginner then buying a used bike makes much more sense. You can test the road, learn more skills and at the end of the year, you can sell it for pretty much the same price that you bought it.

However, since you’re no expert, do ask help from some of your friends in buying the right used bike.

1000cc 4 cylinder bike

Sports bikes are much powerful than Dual sports. They’ve much more accelerating torque and can get up to high speed very quickly. The 4 cylinder machines are extremely fast and its speed increases exponentially with little change in the throttle response. Riding position is also extremely difficult in which you have to lean your body and shift your weight accordingly to maintain balance and position. So, It is highly advisable to buy a twin cylinder sports bike.


Features of Dual Sports bike

  • Generally, Dual Sports comes with single cylinder engine and 250 cc to 600cc displacement.
  • They do have a small gas tank with minimal body parts.
  • They do have 21-inch front wheel and high handlebar suitable for stand up riding.
  • Dual Sports bike do have that elongated form of motocross type seat type along with crash protector.


Pros of Dual Sports bike

  • Dual Sports bike are lightweight and they’re very easy to pick up after a crash on or off road
  • Dual Sports bike are all minimalist in the nature. They consist of the minimum bare steel absolutely needed and hence offer more safety and protection in case of any accident
  • These bikes are very well built and survive lot of crackdown. You can traverse most of the terrain with dual sports be it sand, rocks, steep inclines, whoops…it doesn’t matter, dual sports have your back.
  • Since there is no windscreen or other accessories, Dual sports allow you to have many riding position increasing your comfort.


Cons of Dual Sports

  • The Dual sport has a high front fender. There is a chance of it breaking if you run your bike at the top speed for a long period of time
  • The Top speed that a dual sport can safely negate is only 65mph. So, if you’re a speed lover, then you’ve to make some sacrifice on this front.
  • Dual Sports use knobby tyres which can make your bike drift away at high speed.
  • I do find the motocross seat great for pulling all types of manoeuvre but, it surely plays havoc on your back and spinal cord and is extremely uncomfortable for your back.


Features of Sports bikes

  • They generally come in size of 650cc or more with two, three or four cylinder engine.
  • Sport bikes produce enormous amount of accelerating power and torque and can get up to speed very quickly.
  • They do come with a windscreen for travel suitable in highway. The Sportbikes do have a large fuel capacity tank.
  • They do have tyres designed for pavement and heavy duty brake for high-speed stop


Pros of Sports bike

  • The larger engines and higher gear ratios of Sport bikes allow them to move at highway speeds without producing any annoying whine sounds or causing any extra thermal pressure on the engine.
  • Sport bikes have larger brakes and street biased tyres which allow them to have better braking and better safety.
  • Sport bikes also come with larger gas tank which allows the bike to make larger trips and reduce more wear and tear.


Cons of Sports bike

  • Sports bike are much heavier than dual sports bike and as such are more difficult to handle and control.
  • These bikes are more susceptible to damage in case of any crash due to addition of more body parts and features.



The right choice of bike depends on many factors as such and it would prudent to take as much time needed for making a good decision.

Let us know in the comment which bike you decided to buy.

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