Cold winter sucks if you’ve to ride…Your fingers become numb due to the cold which makes applying brake or shifting gear a problem. Often, it may lead to accidents. Heated motorcycle grips ensure warm, dry hands even in the most extreme weather condition. But there’re several questions which needs to be answered like: What types […]


You’re confused between buying a Dual sports or a Sports bike, right? Don’t worry. In this post, I’ll show how to choose a bike for yourself without spending a million hours researching about it. But first, let me share my story with you. During my college days, I bought the Honda XR650L with the thought […]


The scorching heat of summer makes you feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Wearing a helmet without proper ventilation vent increases your uneasiness many fold. So, if you’re considering buying Helmet in near future, you should never make a trade off with this feature. In this Post, You’re going to learn about Benefits of ventilated Helmet Main […]


If you want to have stylish looking helmets with overall good protection feature, then you should go for low profile helmet. Low Profile Helmet goes by various names in the market like a skull cap, 3/4  helmet etc. It has tons of advantage over other types of helmet. For one, it is lightweight, making it […]