What Is The Best Way to Listen to Music On A Motorcycle

There are few things more satisfying than riding a motorcycle on a great, sunny day, with no traffic. But there is one thing which can enhance that experience even further: Music. It has been proven to improve everything, turning every moment into a spectacular and epic one. “But isn’t that illegal?” you may be asking. […]


There’re helmets and then, there’re better helmets. one of the thing that separate a better helmet from others is the type of shell used in the construction. The shell is very important as it absorbs all the impact and protects the head from external piercing objects. Shells are made up of different types of material […]


If you’re a keen motorcyclist, there are probably very few things better than an enjoyable ride. It’s just you, the bike, and your music. Music is an important factor for a lot of people, especially if it’s a longer ride. Instead of listening to wind or road noise, you could be blasting your favorite tunes […]


For the longest time ever, you had to choose between comfort and performance when buying a motorcycle. You either went for a fast sportsbike which was a pain to live with every day, especially on longer trips, or a comfortable tourer which lacked excitement and wasn’t particularly fun in the twisties. The FJR1300 changed all […]


Although it may not seem like it, motorcycle windshields are one of the best accessories your bike can have. Apart from looking cool, they have a few other functions which have nothing to do with aesthetics, and everything to do with usability and practicality. For starters, they reduce the amount of fatigue drastically. Anyone who’s […]