Options for the Best Headlight for Motorcycle

Best Headlight for Motorcycle

Headlight is one of the most important safety accessory for motorcycle riders.  If you think your current factory defaults are not bright enough, the easiest way is to change the light bulb. Another way is to change the headlines completely using third party replacements. For those who are unsure of the latter, the article will give you a couple of options to consider.


Best Motorcycle Headlights Review

Here are a few of the led headlights that will make a great replacement for your motorcycle.


Turbo SII Daymaker Headlights Review

turbo SII 7 inch motorcycle headlight reviewThe Turbo SII is a powerful daymaker headlight. If you are a HD bike rider, you will be happy to know that this is cheaper but is as powerful. In fact, I would say this is one of the best headlight for Harley bikes including Harley Street Glide. Of course, it will work for other brands as well, such as the Yamaha V star or the Kawasaki Nomad.

Its biggest selling point is the bright lights that can shine through even strong fogs.  Some might say it is too bright to use on the highways but it is entirely up to you on when you want to use it.

Installing the headlight is a breeze. It is a simple plug and play system, although there is no manual for the installation. To waterproof the headlight 100%, I recommend you to put some waterproof glue around it or to use silicon instead of the glue.

Do note that the package comes with only one headlight, instead of two. The picture can be misleading so I thought I should highlight it.


Wisamic Daymaker Headlight Review

wisamic daymaker headlight for harley reviewFor those on a budget, the Wisamic led headlight is one of the most affordable option around.  Despite the lower price, the light is very bright and doesn’t lose to the H4 light bulb that are commonly used in Harley bikes.

The downside is that the fit is not as good. You will need to adjust a bit to get the light to fit into your Harley bike.  In fact, that was the common complaint among folks who purchased it. Also, note that it is not a flash mount so be prepared to spend some time figuring out the wiring in and around the bucket.

If you managed to get past the installation phase, the headlight will look great on your bike. The build quality is good as well and makes for a value for money product. The estimated life span is around 50000 hours.


LX-Light Daymaker Headlight Review

Lx Light Dot Approved Daymaker headlight reviewThe Lx Light model is a DOT approved daymaker headlight. The fact that it is DOT approved means the quality is assured, which might explain its higher price compared to the previous 2 options mentioned. However, it does include more stuff such as:

  • 1 7 inch led headlight
  • 2 4.5 inch led fog light
  • 1 adapter ring
  • 1 wire adapter

The strength of the light was good, as expected from a pricier product. It is a true daymaker with strong white lights that can brighten a big part of the road, even when in total darkness.  With a one year warranty, you can always replace any faulty lights in case they die on you within the year.

Do note however that the plug and play installation claim applies to most motorcycle models with 7″ headlight except for 2014 and up Electra Glides and Street Glides. In such cases, you will need to play with the wiring to make sure the headlight can fit it nicely.  For example, if you have the 2016 Road King, you will need to fit in an extra adapter as the kit comes with 3-prong plug while the bike only has 2.


Sunpie 7 inch Daymaker Headline Review

sunpie 7 inch daymaker led headline reviewThe Sunpie Daymaker is my final recommendation for those looking for a good headline replacement. The package includes 1 headline and 2 side lights. All three have Chrome finishing so the build quality is definitely high.

Lighting wise, these have no problems. The lights are strong and will illuminate more than your factory defaults. The design on these lights look really modern as well so your bike wouldn’t look like an old man’s bike!

For installation, there are some things you need to note. For the 2 side lights, they are plug and play so no problems with that. The main problem comes from the headlight. It is slightly bigger than your factory defaults so a bit of maneuvering is needed. To make your job easier, getting a mounting ring is highly recommended. However, even with that, you will need a new screw as the mounting ring is bigger than your originals so the default screw wouldn’t work.

Other than the installation things you need to do, the product itself is good and the prices are much lower than what you pay for a Harley Davidson original.

Daymaker Headline Buying Guide

Before you take any purchases, I recommend that you read through this buying guide to know what to look for out:

Brightness: This is probably the most important buying criteria. All the models recommended here use Led rather than the halogen models so they are definitely brighter.

Ease of installation: How easy it is to install the headlines will depend on the compatibility of the product with your bike model. When doing the purchase, check out the models that are supported. Usually, the supported models means that the headlines can be installed rather easily using plug and play. If not, you need to know things like cutting wiring, getting new screws etc.

DOT approved: Models with DOT approved means they have extensively tested so quality is assured. They will also likely to command higher prices in the marketplace.

Package details: Different brands offer different packages. Some will include both headlights and side lights while others might only include the former. Hence, when you are doing price comparison, make sure you are comparing apples to apples.



The third party headline are getting better and better. They not only shines much brighter but are cheaper as well. For example, a Harley original might set you back for $900 but these 4 options are all less than $200. Some are even below $100!

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