Dr Martens Motorcycle Boots Buying Guide

Dr Martens Motorcycle Boots Buying Guide

Dr. Martens have a high-quality selection of boots specifically designed with the motorcycle rider in mind. The boots are functional, versatile, stylish and simple. They are made in soft leather with relaxed, contemporary styles to match the needs of the riders as well as everyday use in town. Plus, the soles are built with great abrasion qualities to make them slip resistant.


What are the best Dr Martens motorcycle boots?

When you are having difficulty finding the right pair of Dr Martens motorcycle boots, why not take a look at our list of high-quality products to see which one is right for you.


Dr. Martens Men’s Mace Motorcycle & Combat Boots

Dr. Martens Men's Mace Motorcycle & Combat Boots reviewA quality boot, the Dr. Martens Men’s Mace Motorcycle & Combat Boots are built with plenty of attractive features. Air cushioned outsole, lightly cushioned footbed, welted construction, cap toe and contrast stitching come as standard. They are great boots for riders with high durability, stability and comfort, and include the convenience of a side zipper for ease in putting on and taking off. Even though the zipper is single-stitched it appears to give reliable strength.


  • Great looking leather; very soft with a matte-like finish
  • The zipper is an extremely time-saving feature; simply do the laces once and then use the zipper to make it really easy to put on/take off
  • Extremely comfortable to wear; there is no problem in wearing these boots all day long
  • Break in is almost immediate


  • Pull loops at the rear of the boots are too small which makes them virtually useless


Dr. Martens Men’s Pier Boot Review

Dr. Martens Men's Pier Boot reviewVery nice boots, the Dr. Martens Men’s Pier Boot is constructed in full-grain leather with a suede trim for the upper, and a tough outsole to give a high degree of durability. They are styled with a high lace design and include the traditional pull-on loop at the rear. They are extremely comfortable when riding a motorcycle and the reinforced toe is certain to help prolong use on the shifter peg.


  • Great fit with plenty of space for the toes; the toe area is wider/rounder than similar types of boots
  • The comfort level of these boots is very high
  • Dr. Martens has a great reputation and it is shown in these boots with the heavy-duty build
  • Look awesome with the leather, rubber, stitching, etc.
  • Versatile use; great for riding the motorcycle or walking around town


  • May need to invest in insoles for extra comfort in this area
  • Metal hooks up the top can make lacing difficult


Dr. Martens Women’s Kristy Motorcycle Boot Review

Dr. Martens Women's Kristy Motorcycle Boot reviewExtremely comfortable, solid and stylish, the Dr. Martens Women’s Kristy Motorcycle Boot is really well made with real leather. This particular pair of boots is quite light and easy to wear. The inside of the boots are relatively roomy and have the potential to fit like a glove. The reinforced toe area makes them perfect for riding on a motorcycle. They are a type of Dr Mantens motorcycle boots for women that prefer to avoid the taller boots.


  • The quality of the leather is outstanding; it is really soft
  • The color is a very pretty red-brown color
  • Super versatile; great for many uses


  • Buckles may not be to everyone’s taste; will slow down taking the boots off and putting on


Dr Martens Boots Buying Guide

There is a wide range of styles of motorcycle boots to consider. Also, it is critical to look at factors like the type of bike and what you ride for – whether it is touring, commuting, everyday, etc. – and the all-round budget.

What kind of riding: If you plan to ride all year-round, the motorcycle boots need to be water-resistant to keep the feet dry. But, these boots are more expensive with a special liner. A budget-friendly alternative includes the standard boots with the addition of some waterproof socks to protect the feet.

Wear them off the bike: Where do you plan to wear and use the boots? The Dr. Martens give great versatility in looks and certain to function both when riding the motorcycle and casual use when walking around town or in the office. It is just a case of finding a style that matches the intended use.

What style do you want?: The style of boots will depend on the motorcycle ridden. There are plenty of options beyond the long touring boots or full race spec racing boot. Dr Martens have plenty of short length boots to match the demands of the rider. Also, the fastening mechanism needs to be considered. This can range from laces, ratchet systems, Velcro and zips. The boots can feature one of these options or a combination. The Dr Martens motorcycle boots for women can also feature in stylish color schemes.

Get the right fit: Similar to any type of riding gear, it is critical to get the right fit. The motorcycle boots should give a secure and comfortable fit, but not being overly tight that they squash the feet, or so loose the feet slip around. If you have big feet, use our guide on selecting the wide motorcycle boots. Make sure to remember the socks that are likely to be worn, especially if planning to use thicker socks for the winter. The size options vary with the different brands so it helps to check the manufactures guideline. Also, the leather material will start to give and offer more space as they are worn.

Safety: Safety features are a further key issue when looking at motorcycle boots. For instance, a non-slip sole is certain to be appreciated. The sole should be made in non-slip materials and include appropriate ridges. The boots should fasten up securely. Also, a certain amount of protection for the ankle area may be desirable.



Overall, the wide-ranging pairs of Dr Martens motorcycle boots can easily match the needs of the different types of riders. Our reviews indicate that the chosen products are all versatile options to not only use while riding the motorcycle, but also while walking around town or in the office. Plus, the prices for the different models are relatively affordable and include plenty of bike specific features.

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