Best Motorcycle Boots for Wide Feet

Best Motorcycle Boots for Wide Feet

For folks with wide feets, finding the right pair of motorcycle boots can be a real pain. Most motorcycle, be they from timberland or Dr Martins, are made for folks with normal shaped feet. There is no separate category in both online and offline stores that caters to large feet men or women. To help solve this problem, I have put together this list that you should find useful.


Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Review

tourmaster solution 2.0 motorcycle boots reviewOne of the rare motorcycle boots under 200 that has a wide feet design. The Tourmaster Solution boots has a spacious forefoot although it is not as wide as some running shoes. However, according to the reviews at Amazon, many wide feet folks are finding this to be comfortable and affordable.

These boots can be used for all weather. For summer, they have not feel too hot. For winter, it is withstand temperature below 0 degrees. However, if you get to the -30 degrees state, the boots might start to crack open at the seams. If such cases happen, it is best to resew the boots.

The boots also claim to be waterproof but to my knowledge, it is not 100%. If you soak your feet in water, I can guarantee you that water will sip in. However, if you are taking about stepping on puddles, this pair of boots is indeed water proof.

Overall, it is a great quality boot that is comfortable and features a nice wide feet design.


Milwaukee Motorcycle Boot Review

Milwaukee Motorcycle bike reviewMilwaukee boots are are well built and are comfortable to wear in. I can walk in them for hours and still feel very good.

In terms of the width, it is pretty wide. You can see it in the picture on the left. When you are buying it, stick to true size as there is plenty of room in the shoe. If you buy a size bigger, it is going to be too loose.

For those who are particular about cleanliness, you can take out the insoles and actually wash them. Pretty neat. You can also replace them with something more comfortable or when they are worn out.

The zipper on the side of the bot makes it much easier for you to get in and out of the boot.

Overall, another good pair of boots that you can consider buying!


Forma Off Road Motorcycle Boot Review

forma wide motorcycle boots reviewThe final recommendation that I am making is for the Forma Boots. This model is especially great if you are going off road adventure biking. Most other boots that claim to be adventure boots lacked the kind of supported needed for off road biking.

The forma boot are incredibly easy to break in. You need probably need than a week to feel very comfortable, even for those with wide feet. The front was designed with extra space so it will feel very roomy. Like the model above, the insoles can also be changed and swapped as necessary.

In terms of water proofing, they can be counted on to keep away the mud if you are riding off road. However, they are not 100% water proof. If you soak them in water for too long a period, some water will get in.



It is never easy to buy a pair of motorbike boots, let alone one that has a wide feet design. Hopefully, these 3 recommendations given here can make your life a bit easier. Don’t feet shy to ask any questions in the comments below.
To summarize, what you are getting is a pair of adventure boots that is comfortable for the wide toe folks, looks stylish and offers sufficient protection for any off road riding.



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