Best Low Profile Helmet in 2016


If you want to have stylish looking helmets with overall good protection feature, then you should go for low profile helmet.

Low Profile Helmet goes by various names in the market like a skull cap, 3/4  helmet etc. It has tons of advantage over other types of helmet. For one, it is lightweight, making it extremely comfortable to wear. You can also move your head in all direction which gives you a more clear view of your surroundings.

Having said that, low profile helmet has its own disadvantages. Since most of them are open face type, you’ve to always ensure that you wear goggles. In a possible case of skid off, it does offer less protection between your head and the road.

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Criteria to buy the best 3/4 helmet

There are several criteria to consider before you buy a skull helmet. You should ensure that your helmet has the right amount of comfort, style, and protection.

  • Your low profile helmet should be made up of good quality material like carbon glass fiber so that it ensures optimum protection for your head.
  • You should buy a helmet which is DOT, USA approved.
  • Most of the skull helmets come with an inner liner which helps to absorb the impact. Make sure your helmet has that feature.
  • Make sure that after wearing your helmet you can freely move your head in all direction so as to have a maximum range of vision.
  • Also, make sure that your helmet has the option of a sun visor to protect your eyes from sun glare.
  • If you’re style conscious like me, then you should consider having a helmet with a matte finish.


Bell pit boss half helmet review

bell-pit-boss-half-helmet-reviewBell Pit Boss half helmet is designed by Bell and is new to the market. This is a graphic helmet and has checkered pattern. The most important thing is that it has an oval shape and fits very well to your head.



  • The low profile Helmet is black in color with a matte finish. It offers lots of padding across your ear and gives lots of protection against impact or shock.
  • The shell of the helmet is made up of trimatrix and Kevlar carbon glass fiber blend. This makes the helmet very strong despite being light weight.
  • The Pit Boss helmet also comes with a speed adjustment knob which you can use to adjust the helmet horizontally as well as vertically.
  • The Helmet also has an internal sun shade that helps in protecting your eyes from excessive sun-glare.
  • There is also a neck curtain in the helmet which you can remove for keeping yourself cool during the summer days. You can put it on during winter days.
  • The Helmet has its own speakers and is compatible with Pit Boss communication system.


Pros and Cons

Pit Boss helmet offers lots of advantages over its competitor. This one is a unisex helmet, so it can be worn by both men and women. It is quite light weight and offers you the freedom to move your head in all direction. The speed adjusting knob is also quite an innovative feature which you can use to adjust your helmet along with wind condition.

However, Pit Boss comes in a very simple design. I think the look of Pit Boss helmet can be improved to match up with the new design look. Moreover, the sun visor may also cause problems to people who wears spectacle.



HJC IS-Cruiser half helmet review

hjc-is-cruiser-half-helmet-reviewHJC Solid cruiser is DOT approved low profile helmet. The Helmet comes with lots of advanced features such implementation of CAD Technology, Integrated smoked sun shield and washable Nylex interior.

Let’s have a look at its features.



  • The shell of the helmet is made up of polycarbonate composite shell which keeps it lightweight as well as makes it strong enough for use in outdoor activities.
  • The HJC is built with superior CAD technology and fits well with all head size. Moreover, this is a unisex helmet which can be worn by men as well as women.
  • HJC helmet also boasts of a retractable sun visor which prevents you from sun glare. This is a good feature. However, I faced a lot of issues with it.
  • The helmet has a Nylex interior with a washable and removable anti-bacterial liner which helps in keeping your head cool and sweat free.
  • One cool feature of HJC helmet is that there’re two exhaust vents at the back of the helmet. So, when the high speed air traverses back across the head then, it does suck some hot air from the inside of the helmet making the inside helmet area cool.
  • The fit is actually for intermediate oval head shaped. Earlier it used to be more rounded, but now they changed the design more suited for US customer.
  • The Helmet has a matte finish look and also has a double D strap which ensures your helmet is always in place.


 Pros and Cons

The HJC Cruiser helmet has undergone improvement over its predecessor in terms of design as well as improved ventilation. Overall, it’s a great helmet with comfort, protection and advanced communication feature built in it.

I found out that though the visor protects you from sun glare, but it offers no protection from high wind speed.


Voss 700 ez rider helmet review

voss-700-ez-rider-helmet-reviewVoss low profile german elmet is one of the industry leaders in low profile headgear. Voss is famous for its strong fiber glass helmet. Voss 700FRP is also DOT approved and extensively tested for performance and safety.



  • The helmet is made up of fiberglass shell which makes it strong as well as lightweight.
  • The Voss helmet also consists of removable and washable micro fiber element which can also be taken out during the summer season. This helps in keeping your helmet free from sweat and moisture.
  • The Helmet is DOT approved. So, it is as usual placed little above our head than most another helmet. You should consider this while deciding your helmet.
  • The helmet is fit for a person with the oval head shape. The front part is made little longer in view of US audience.
  • The helmet has a naked chinstrap for keeping it in place. However, if you’re riding in areas with strong winds, you may found the strap to hang loosely which can be a cause for inconvenience.


Pros and Cons

This is a great helmet which offers very good comfort, safety and protection. Voss is a DOT certified helmet with excellent fit and design.

However, I did found that sometimes the chinstrap would hang loose and cause a lot of annoyance to me.



Nowadays, Customer has a lot of option while buying a helmet. If someone chooses to have a helmet with modern features like speaker set and communication facility, Pit Boss would be a great choice.

If you know of some other low profile helmet which does a good job or found any major issues with these helmets, tell us more about in the comment.

If you’ve any experience with any of the above mentioned helmet, then you can share your experience with us.

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